Tuve Hotel in Hong Kong

Is “depressing, but in a good way” a thing? If so, I would use it to describe my stay at TUVE in the Tin Hau district of Hong Kong. From the moment I opened the heavy oxidized metal door and entered the monolith-shaped building that houses TUVE, a feeling of darkness invaded me. The result of a perfectly balanced combination of a subtle sandalwood scent, soothing music and ambient lighting that contrasts sharply with the chaos of the city outside.

The dimly lit lobby is located on the first floor and consists of nothing more than a huge table on a white marble floor. The service was friendly but cool – something that fits perfectly into a place like this and only adds to its character. The raw and monochrome materials dominate throughout the building: a harmonious mixture of concrete, black and white marble, wood and oxidized metal creates the atmosphere.

Less is more

The design of TUVE is based on a photographic project by Danish landscape photographer Kim Høltermand, who captured a series of foggy scenes and dark silhouettes on a Swedish lake of the same name. The founding team of the hotel turned to the Hong Kong design studio Design Systems to translate the atmosphere of these images into a hotel – which they managed to do. The rooms are functionally furnished, with each piece of furniture having a clear space and function.

The rooms are functionally furnished, with each piece of furniture having a clear space and function. The decorations are not there, except for a few hand-painted gold spots on the wall. Despite the rough materials and moody colors, the extremely comfortable bed makes the rooms surprisingly comfortable.

It’s all in the details

Less is more at TUVE, but they have managed to add an extra touch in areas where more is important. The Minibar, for example, is not filled with the usual range of drinks, but offers a carefully curated selection of high-quality gourmet snacks and drinks. You will find an ANTIPODE water bottle (the perfect accessory for your #flatlay Instagram), Potocki barley-bree and Fevertree tonic, to name just a few. The bathroom is also adorned with things that we like: body lotion, shower gel and shampoo from the American brand Fresh.

TUVE is luxurious in its simplicity and attention to detail, but it lacks some of the amenities you would expect from a 5-star hotel. There is no gym, swimming pool and breakfast room – so we don’t recommend the place unless you plan to explore the city and not lounge at the hotel all day.


Each room is equipped with a Smartphone that you can use during your stay. Use it as a pocket Wi-Fi device when exploring the city.

Prices don’t include breakfast, so opt for a local breakfast at one of the surrounding cha Chaan Tengs (Hong Kong-style cafes).

The hotel is a social media darling, so be prepared to fall for many Instagram photo shoots outside the building.

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